Competence HC®

Competence Hight Class is a light curing monocomponent-composit based on BIS-GMA for all cavity-classes.
The level of stability, resistance against abrasion, colour stability and the excellent polishing properties distinguish this product. The translucent Vita*-shades enables aesthetic enamel-looking restults. Competence HC is available as a kit or single refills. Can be combined with Competence Flow.



Fillings of all cavity-classes in the front area, including V-formed defects, the molar-area, reconstructions of traumatic damaged front teeth (anteriors), blinding of discoloured front teeth, colour and form corrections for the aesthetic restauration, core build-ups for crowns

  • Very stable long-lasting restorations
  • High-gloss polishable
  • Natural esthetics
  • Colour stable
  • Radiopaque
  • Agreeable consistency which does not stick to the instruments
  • Low shrinkage that avoids marginal gap and tertiary caries
  • Long-lasting esthetic restorations

Suitable for restorations of all cavity classes.

Spreadability:                                   20 – 30 mm

Compressive strength:                  > 300 MPa

Flexural strength:                            > 120 MPa

Flexural modulous:                         > 7500 MPa

Diametral tensile strength:          > 45 MPa

Storage conditions:        dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 C

Shelf life:                          3 years


WP4226:    Set B2- 4 x 4,5 g syringes A2, A3, A3,5, B2 + 10 ml bottle C-Bond + 2 ml Extra-Gel

+ 2 ml syringe Glass Liner + accessories

WP4227:      Set C2- 4 x 4,5 g syringes A2, A3, A3,5, C2 + 10 ml bottle C-Bond + 2 ml syringe Extra-Gel

+ 2 ml syringe Glass Liner + accessories

WP4204:     Refill, A1, 4,5g syringe

WP4205:     Refill, A2, 4,5g syringe

WP4206:     Refill, A3, 4,5g syringe

WP4207:     Refill, A3,5, 4,5g syringe

WP4228:     Refill, A2 opaque, 4,5 g syringe

WP4208:     Refill, B2, 4,5g syringe

WP4219:     Refill, C2, 4,5g syringe

WP4222:     Refill, incisal, 4,5 g syringe




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