Ideal Putty®

Ideal Putty is a base impression material for the (two step) double-, sandwich- and double-mix-technique.
It is based on additional-silicones, easily kneedable and slightly hydrophilic. Ideal Putty does not stick and therefore it is easy to handle and gives precise impressions.


Base impresion material for (two step) double, sandwich and double-mix-technique

  • A-silicone
  • Kneadable consistency
  • Hydrophilic
  • Processing: mixing time: 45 sec.; processing time incl. Mixing: 2 min.; time in the mouth: 2 min
  • Agreeable to handle
  • Minimal shrinkage of only 0,2 %
  • Precise impressions
  • Impressions are storable for a long time

Material for initial impressions of the double impression technique or the crush bite and as impression material for the sandwich-technique – in combination with Ideal Light.  

Coulor:                                            orange

Shore A hardness:                           ca. 70

Shrinkage:                                      < 0,2 %

Deformation under pressure:    ca. 2,7 %

Storage conditions:                      dry and protected from light 0 – 22 °C

Shelf life:                                        2 years


WP4315:       400 g can base paste + dosage scoop, 400 g catalyst paste + dosage scoop




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