LiWa-Dip-Set is a set of materials for your wax-works. The main component is a choice of resins for modelling, which are light-curing and burn out completely: the LiWa resins, paste LiWa and choice of preformed patterns from the LiWa Form assortment. The set also contains the insulation liquids LiWa Iso Step I + II which are used to insulate the model against LiWa, the bonding Akti Bond which makes it possible to add LiWa resin to the polymerized modellations and the resin LiWa Dip which as a light-curing dipping wax.

The LiWa Dip-Set is a good starter set for working with LiWa and can be used immediately. The saving of time when working with LiWa is considerable since duplicating is not required and the material is light-curing. The LiWa resins can be modelled “cold” by hand or “hot” with an electric wax-knife, e.g. LiWaxer.

LiWa Dip-Set is part of a large range of resins in various consistencies, preformed resin patterns, useful complementary materials for different areas of use and practical sets.

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  • Wide range of LiWa materials
  • The set contains several preformed LiWa patterns and the paste LiWa
  • It also contains the practical auxiliary materials the insulation liquid and the bonding as well as the dipping “wax” LiWa Dip
  • All materials in the set are light-curing
  • The resins show a very high elastic recovery and burn out completely
  • Time-saving
  • Exellent modellations in a short time
  • Very high elastic recovery of the resins
  • The resins burn out completely

Wide range of materials for working with LiWa. It is necessary to insulate the model before applying the LiWa resins in order to be able to remove the medellations from the master model.

Storage conditions:        dry and protected from light at 0 – 8 °C              

Shelf life:                          3 years (materials)          


WP6133:      LiWa Dip-Set: LiWa Iso Step I + II each 10 ml bottle, LiWa 20 g can, Akti Bond 10 ml

bottle, LiWa Dip 40 g tube, 2 x LiWa Form (choice of patterns)




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