LiWa Iso®

LiWa Iso is a liquid based on 2-butanone which and can be used to insulate gypsum models against the light-curing resin LiWa. LiWa Iso consists of two liquids, Step I and Step II which have to be applied successively. LiWa Iso Step I penetrates the gypsum and LiWa Iso Step 2 seals the surface. After curing, LiWa Iso prevents the light-cuing LiWa resins from sticking to the model.

LiWa Iso is part of a wide range of materials: resins in different consistencies, preformed resin patterns, useful complementary materials for different areas of use as well as functional sets.

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Two step isolation liquids for plaster-models

LiWa Iso is used to insulate the gypsum model against the light-curing LiWa resins LiWa, LiWa II, LiWa Flow and LiWa Form.

  • Two liquids (Step I, Step II), applicable in one layer each
  • Self-curing
  • Easy application in two steps
  • Very effective insulation of the model against LiWa

Physical data:   

Appearance:                                     liquid

Colour:                                                colourless

Density (20°C, g/cm³):                 0,69 – 08710

Storage conditions:                     dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C              

Shelf life:                                        3 years            


WP5095:      LiWa Iso, Step I + II liquids, 2 x 10 ml bottles




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