Pro-Fill is a light-curing, temporary filling material. It enables an easy and fast application and shows very good adhesion.
It can be removed easily without leaving any residues and can also be used for the preparations of Inlays and Onlays.


The use of Pro-Fill guarantees a timesaving and clean sealing of cavities.
Curing takes place with LED/Halogen-Polymerisation lamps within seconds. The material can be removed easily with a suitable instrument, because of this time saving is ensured. The cavity has not to be prepared again and further necessary measures could be implamented directly.
Pro-Fill does not influence the curing process of the later used materials.

  • Easy handling
  • Light-curing
  • Free from eugenol
  • Elastic after curing
  • Odorless
  • Time saving
  • Good adhesion to dentine
  • Safe marginal seal
  • Very good resistence against chewing pressure
  • Removable in one piece, without residue

Suitable for temporary fillings, for subsequent treatments with inlays or onlays.

Storage conditions:           dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C          

Shelf life:                             3 years


WP4041:      2 x 4,5 g syringes




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