Silvercem is a self-curing silver reinforced glass ionomer cement for direct restorations of the molar teeth and for core build-ups. The cement is easy to mold and to apply in the cavity. Silvercem adheres well to the enamel and dentine, releases fluoride and it is radiopaque.  Silvercem is available as a flexible powder/liquid system in two different tooth shades.



Core build ups, filling cement for cavities of the classes I and V, restaurations in the areas of the side-teeth.


Silvercem 12 g Pulver, 7 g Flüssigkeit, Flüssigkeit, Nachfüllpackung 10 ml Flüssigkeit

Recommended for core build-ups, restorations of the cavity classes I and V, restorations of the posterior area, tunnel preparations and to block-out undercuts. Near the pulp, we recommend to use Calcident 450 before using Silvercem. To seal the surface of the cured Silvercem, we recommend the use of Secura Varnish

• Silver reinforced

• Self-curing

• Radiopaque

• Contains fluoride

• Easy handling

•Fluoride release

• Good adhesion to enamel and dentine

Physical data: Compressive strength: 200 MPa

Storage conditions: dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C

Shelf life: 2 years


WP4120: 12 g powder, 7 g liquid, dosage spoon

WP4122: 10 g liquid

instructions for use:


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