WP PerfectPrint® 3D - Splint - resilient

SLA, transparent, 500 g

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WP PerfectPrint® 3D - splint is a liquid resin for 3D printers for the production of splints. It is transparent and has a high flexural strength, which ensures that the material does not break during grinding. WP PerfectPrint® 3D - splint is suitable for SLA printers and has a thin consistency, so the printer does not need a heating element. Laser curing is optimally performed at a laser wavelength of 405 nm. It should be post-cured under halogen light. WP PerfectPrint® 3D - splint reproduces details very accurately. The printing accuracy can be varied in the Z axis between the values 25 µ, 50 µ and 100 µ.
Article number:WP5160