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Competence universal is a light-cure micro-hybrid composite for restorations of all cavity classes. Competence universal is very agreeable to handle because it does not stick to the instruments and at the same time adapts very well to the cavity walls. The composite shows a very low shrinkage. Competence universal generates esthetic results because it is high gloss polishable and translucent. Thanks to its high strength and outstanding esthetics, Competence Universal is suitable for veneers.



Fillings for all cavity-classes in the anterior- and posterior-areas.

Suitable for restorations of all cavity classes, for the production of veneers and for the treatment of enamel hypoplasia.

  • Very robust and long-lasting restorations
  • High-gloss polishable
  • Natural esthetics
  • Colour stable
  • Radiopaque
  • Very low shrinkage of only 1,7 %
  • Agreeable consistency, not sticking to the instruments
  • Reduces secondary caries
  • Long-lasting, esthetic restorations

Physical data:

Compressive strength, diametral: > 45 mPa

Flexural strength: > 155 mPa

Flexural modulus: > 6000 mPa

Shrinkage: 1,7 % lin

Storage conditions: dry and protected from light, at 0 – 22 C

Shelf life: 3 years


WP4250: Set, 4 x 4,5 g syringes, in different Vita®* shades, (A2, A3, A3,5,,

B2), 10 ml bottle C-Bond, 2 ml syringe Extra-Gel, 2 ml syringe Glass-Liner + accessories

WP4251: Set, 4 x 4,5 g syringes, in different Vita® shades (A2, A3, A3,5,

C2), 10 ml bottle C-Bond, 2 ml syringe Extra-Gel, 2 ml syringe Glass-Liner + accessories

WP4249: Set, 4,5 g syringe, shade A3, 10 ml bottle C-Bond

WP4252: Refill, shade A1, 4,5 g syringe

WP4253: Refill, shade A2, 4,5 g syringe

WP4254: Refill, shade A3, 4,5 g syringe

WP4255: Refill, shade A3,5 4,5 g syringe

WP4294: Refill, shade B1, 4,5 g syringe

WP4256: Refill, shade B2, 4,5 g syringe

WP4264: Refill, shade B3, 4,5 g syringe

WP4257: Refill, shade C2, 4,5g syringe

WP4266: Refill, shade C3, 4,5g syringe

WP4265: Refill, shade D2, 4,5g syringe

WP4258: Refill, shade D3, 4,5g syringe

WP4260: Refill, shade A2 opaque, 4,5g syringe

WP4259: Refill, shade A3 opaque, 4,5g syringe

WP4261: Refill, shade incisal, 4,5g syringe

WP4267: Refill, shade B2 opaque, 4,5g syringe

**Vita® is a registered trade mark of Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG.

Instructions for use :

IFU-Competence universal

Safety Data Sheet:

Competence universal




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