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Light Bloc Advanced®

Light Bloc Advanced is a moldable light-curing resin which is used to block out undercuts and to build and complete prepared cores in the model etc. Light Bloc Advanced is light-curing. It is available in the practical one-chamber syringe; this makes it quick and easy to use.


  • Easy handling
  • Moldable consistency
  • Light-curing
  • Ready to use in the syringe


  • Easy handling
  • Good adhesion to the model
  • Time saving

Suitable for works in the dental laboratory on models, for example to block out undercuts and to build or complete prepared cores and models.

Technical data:

Curing depth:                    max. 5 mm

Storage conditions:         dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C             

Shelf life:                           3 years            


WP5138:     Light Bloc Advanced, 1 x 3 g syringe

WP5139:     Light Bloc Advanced, 2 x 3 g syringes

WP5118:     Light Bloc GF, green, flowable, 1 x 2 ml syringe

WP5126:     Light Bloc GF, green, flowable, 2 x 2 ml syringes



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