LiWa Akti Bond®

LiWa Akti Bond is an adhesive that allows to combine the modellation with LiWa resins, even when the first part of the modellation has already been light-cured. To do that, the polymerized modellation should be activated at the joint with a layer of LiWa Akti Bond.

LiWa Akti Bond is part of a wide range of materials: resins in different consistencies, preformed resin patterns, useful complementary materials for different areas of use as well as functional sets.

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Adhesive for better connectings

Adhesive for a bond between polymerized LiWa parts and LiWa resin.

  • Liquid
  • Easy to use
  • Activates polymerized LiWa modellation to make them suitable for adding further LiWa resin
  • Light-curing
  • Time-saving
  • Allows for a step by step modellation of LiWa, with intermediate curing of the finished parts

Storage conditions:        dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C              

Shelf life:                           3 years            


WP5082:     LiWa Akti Bond, liquid, 10 ml bottle





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