LiWa Dip®

LiWa Dip is a light-curing resin which can be used as dipping “wax” to produce “wax”-caps around the gypsum core of the model. Prior to applying the material, the core should be insulated with Dip Isolation.

To liquify LiWa Dip, any dipping wax device with a temperature indicator can be used. The material polymerises with UV-light within 2 to 3 min. with 350 – 450 NM.

LiWa Dip is part of a wide range of materials: resins in different consistencies, preformed resin patterns, useful complementary materials for different areas of use as well as functional sets.


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Light curing dipping wax

  • Resin used as dipping-wax replacement
  • Light-curing with UV-light
  • Liquefaction at 80 – 85 °C
  • Burns out completely
  • Time saving thanks to light-curing
  • Very little contraction
  • Very high elastic recovery
  • Burns out completely, with no residue

Used in laboratories as a dipping wax to produce resin-caps on the gypsum core. A prior insulation of the core is necessary, e.g. with Dip Isolation.

Storage conditions:            dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C              

Technical data:

Melting temperaturue:      80 – 85 °C

Colours:                                 transparent

Shelf life:                               2 years            


WP6129:     LiWa Dip, transparent, 2 x 40 g tubes

WP5115:     LiWa Dip Isolation, liquid, 100 ml bottle

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LiWa Dip




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