LiWa Form®

LiWa Form is a range of preformed pieces of light-curing resin for different wax works. LiWa Form saves time because the pieces spare some complex modellations. The resin shows a soft moldable consistency and can be modelled „cold“ with gloved hands or „hot“ with a wax-knife (for example our LiWaxer). The pieces cannot be held into an open flame because it would burn out completely. Prior to the application of LiWa Form, the master model should be insulated.

The different pieces are: coarse-stippled plate, L-jaw bars, Molar clasps, perforated retentions, wax-wires, plate without structure, ring clasps, coarse-stippled plate, retention grid with rounded holes, retention grid with squared holes. LiWa Form can be applied directly on the master model, though we recommend a prior insulation with LiWa Iso. There is no need for duplicating LiWa Form can be worked out directly on the master model. This saves valuable time.

The cured LiWa Form modellations reproduce details very well. They are firm and flexible at the same time, and they can be easily removed from the model and very well grinded with rotating instruments, without warping or breaking.  This is due to the very high elastic recovery of the cured LiWa Form modellations.

LiWa Form burns out completely and without any residue. Like most resins, the material expands when heated, a fact that should be taken into account in the choice of the embedding material. Therefore, so called speed-embedding materials can only be used if the temperature can be increased gradually.

LiWa Form is part of a wide range of materials: resins in different consistencies, preformed resin patterns, useful complementary materials for different areas of use as well as functional sets.


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