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LiWaxer Set®

LiWaxer Set is a set of materials for your wax works. The main component is a choice of resins for modellings which are light-curing and burn out completely – LiWa. The set contains the equipment needed to work with LiWa: an electric wax-knife (LiWaxer), a range of the light-curing resins (the 2 pastes LiWa + LiWa II and a choice of preformed pieces of LiWa-Form as well as several auxiliary materials, which can be useful when working with the LiWa resins. These are the cooling spray LiWa Cool; the insulation liquid LiWa Iso I + II, which insulates the model against LiWa; the insulation liquid“, which insulates LiWa against several other materials and other resins; the bonding Akti Bond, which activates cured LiWa to proceed with the modellation, and the LiWa Finish Varnish, which enforces LiWa modellations and smoothens their surface.

The LiWaxer Set is a complete starter set to work with LiWa and can be put into use immediately. The saving of time when working with LiWa is considerable since duplication is not required. Additionally, the LiWa resins are light-curing which makes them easy to handle after polymerizing, since they don´t melt. The resins can be modelled “cold” by hand or “hot” with an electric wax knife.

LiWaxer Set is part of a wide range of resins in various consistencies, preformed resin patterns and useful complementary materials for different areas of use as well as practical LiWa sets.


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Full starter set to work with LiWa.

  • Extensive range of LiWa materials
  • The electric wax-knife included in the set has proved to be useful in working with LiWa
  • The set contains several preformed patterns and both LiWa pastes
  • It also contains several useful auxiliary materials, like insulating liquids, varnish and bonding
  • LiWa is light-curing with UV-light
  • Medellations with LiWa show a high elastic recovery after light-curing
  • LiWa resins burn out completely
  • Time saving
  • Excellent modellations in a short time
  • Full equipment with LiWa materials to work with the light-curing resin
  • LiWa resins show high elastic recovery
  • LiWa resins burn out completely

Storage conditions:            dry and protected from light at 0 – 8 °C              

Shelf life:                            3 years (materials)         


WP5100X:        Waxer Set: LiWa I 20 g can, LiWa II 20 g can, LiWa Cool 200 ml spray-can, LiWa Iso Step

I+II each 10 ml bottles, AktiBond 10 ml bottle, Finish Varnish 10 ml bottle, Universal

Isolant 10 ml bottle; LiWaxer electr. Wax-knife, LiWa Form preformed patterns (5x L-

jaw bars, “Wax”-wire: D =1mm (5x), D = 2mm (10x), D = 4 mm (5x), 4x perforated

retentions, 2x molar clips, 2x smooth plates, 2x structured plates, 2 x retention grid

squared, 2 x retention grid round

WP5100NX:    LiWaxer NX Set, like LiWaxer Set (WP5100X) without electrical wax-knife




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