Pro-Dye LC® & Thinner®

Pro-Dye LC is a light-curing varnish for cores in the model. The material is a one-component liquid, delivered ready to use in the colours red, blue, green, yellow and nature.  After the polymerization with intense UV or halogen light, this core varnish builds a hard and smooth surface. Hence it builds a scratch-proof surface within seconds.

Pro-Dye Thinner dilutes the core varnish without changing its properties after curing.



Dye spacer between core and crown

The core varnish Pro-Dye LC is used as spacer between the core in the model and the crwon.

  • Liquid consistency
  • Light-curing with UV or halogen light
  • Scratch-proof and smooth surface
  • Core varnish Pro-Dye LC is available in 5 different colours
  • Pro-Dye Thinner dilutes Pro-Dye LC, without changing its properties after curing
  • Easy handling
  • Quick to use
  • Hard, scratch-proof and smooth surface
  • Opaque colours
  • Shiny surface, after removing the smear layer

Physical properties:

Layer thickness: 10 my

Storage conditions: dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C             

Shelf life: 3 years


WP5518:     Pro-Dye LC, blue, 30 ml in black brush-bottle

WP5519:     Pro-Dye LC, red, 30 ml in black brush-bottle

WP5520:     Pro-Dye LC, green, 30 ml in black brush-bottle

WP5521:     Pro-Dye LC, yellow, 30 ml in black brush-bottle

WP5522:     Pro-Dye LC, nature, 30 ml in black brush-bottle

WP5517:     Pro-Dye Thinner, thinner liquid, 10 ml bottle


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