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Vision Prophy paste®

Vision Prophy Paste is a universal polishing paste that generates excellent polishing results for teeth and acrylics with RDA-value of 237. It is available in two tastes: cinnamon and strawberry.



Professional polishing of teeth, dental resin and precious metals.
Usable outside and inside of the mouth for polishing of crowns and filling materials.

  • • Cleaning before tooth bleaching
  • • Professional Polishing of the teeth
  • • Polishing of composites and precious metals
  • • Polishing of crowns and filling materials
  • • Good polishing properties for teeth and composites
  • • Agreeable tastes of strawberry or cinnamon
  • • Good bleaching quality for the removal of discolourations
Physical data:
Colour: grey
Aroma: cinnamon, strawberry
Solubility in water: 5 g powder / 10 g
water Density: 1,2 – 1,6
Storage conditions: dry and protected from light, at 0-22 °C.
Shelf life:
3 years

WP6120: Cinnamon, 1 x 160 g box
WP6139: Strawberry, 1 x 160 g box

Instructions for use:


Safety Data Sheet

Vision Prophy Paste



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