Competence Flow®

1 x 1 ml - A3,5 + 3 cannulas, refill pack

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Competence Flow® is a flowable, light-curing composite for fillings of cavity classes III, IV and V as well as for repairs of bis-acrylate materials. Competence Flow® is thixotropic and therefore very pleasant to handle. The composite does not flow uncontrollably from the application site and is thin when manipulated. Competence Flow® is very easy to polish and produces aesthetic restorations. Due to the low shrinkage of only 1.7%, the risk of marginal caries is very low. Competence Flow® is radiopaque.
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Dental Practise, Filling-Materials

No, it does not contain bisphenol A.

Competence Flow has a shrinkage value of 1.7 %.

Yes, but only to a limited extent, as only a thin layer is usually used here and there are smaller quantities of radiopaque glass particles (usually stronzium or barium glass) in the composite.

Yes, even very good, as this ensures better edge tightness and results in lower "stress values" during shrinkage (bonding flow up to the composite).