LiWa Iso Step I + II 10 ml each, LiWa 20 g, LiWa Akti Bond 10 ml, LiWa Dip 40 g, 2 x LiWa molding assortment

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LiWa Dip Set® is a set of materials for your wax work. The set consists of a selection of light-curing LiWa resins, the molded parts LiWa Form® and the paste LiWa®, the dipping wax resin LiWa Dip®, which is used to insulate the stone die, the insulating liquid LiWa Iso I + II® as well as LiWa Akti Bond®, the bonding for adapting LiWa® material to already polymerized LiWa® models. The LiWa Dip Set® represents a good initial equipment for working with LiWa® and can be used immediately. The time saved when working with LiWa is considerable. This is because duplicating is no longer necessary, and the material is light-curing. The resins can be modeled "cold" by hand, or "hot" with an electric wax knife, e.g. LiWaxer®. LiWa-Dip-Set® is part of an extensive range of plastics in different consistencies, plastic moldings, useful auxiliary materials for many applications and practical sets.
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