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LiWa® is a light-curing resin with a firm consistency that is suitable for all "wax" work. LiWa can be modeled both "hot" with an electric wax knife (e.g. LiWaxer®) and "cold" with gloved fingers. LiWa® can be applied directly to the isolated master cast. The LiWa® resin must not be held in an open flame during modeling, as it would burn completely. Duplicating is not necessary with LiWa®, which saves valuable time. Light curing of LiWa® with UV light is usually fast. The exact duration of polymerization depends on various factors, such as the light intensity or the color of the plaster used. The exact procedure for determining the polymerization time is described in the Instructions for Use. LiWa® exhibits very low contraction values. The cured LiWa® parts reproduce details very accurately and are both strong and flexible. The polymerized LiWa® modelings can be easily removed from the model and further processed very well with rotary instruments without deforming or breaking. This is because the LiWa® modelings exhibit very good resilience. LiWa® burns out completely without leaving any residue. When heated, the material expands, which must be taken into account when selecting the investment material. So-called speed investments can therefore only be used if the temperature is gradually increased. LiWa® is part of an extensive range of plastics in different consistencies, plastic moldings, useful auxiliary materials for many applications and practical sets.
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Dental Laboratory, LiWa

We recommend:
- always use an electric wax knife
- protect the product from direct sunlight
- Joints must always be joined with molten material
- Intermediate polymerisation is possible