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DUR-LAB-Sil® & Hardener®

DUR-LAB-Sil is an extra tough silicone (putty), specially designed for the use in the dental laboratory.

Dur-Lab-Sil is based on condensation-curing silicones. Thanks to the very high temperature-stability it is particularly suitable for the replica denture technique. An easy handling is guaranteed because Dur-Lab-Sil is non-sticky, dimensionally stable and heat-resistant.

DUR-LAB-Sil has to be mixed with DUR-LAB-Sil Hardener liquid or with DUR-LAB-Sil Hardener paste.



Replica denture technique, protection of teeth when put in muffle.

Type of Packaging

Dur-Lab-Sil Putty 5000 g, Dur-Lab-Sil Hardener Paste 40 g, Dur-Lab-Sil Hardener Liquid 30 ml

  • Condensation-curing laboratory silicone
  • Tough putty consistency
  • To be mixed with DUR-LAB-Sil Hardener (paste or liquid)
  • Suitable for the replica denture technique
  • Easy handling
  • Very precise impressions
  • Non-sticky
  • Dimensional stability
  • Very heat-resistant

Recommended for the replica denture technique, to protect the teeth when they are put in muffle.

Physical data:

Shore-A hardness: +95

Heat-resistence: up to 100°C

Storage conditions: dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C             

Shelf life: Putty and hardener paste 3 years / hardener liquid 2 years


WP5300:     DUR-LAB-Sil, 5.000 g, in plastic-container

WP5067:     DUR-LAB-Sil, Paste, 40 g tube

WP5063:     DUR-LAB-Sil, liquid, 30 ml bottle




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