Fisseal is a light-cure composite for fissure sealing. The material helps prevent caries in the occlusal surfaces. A particular production technique ensures that the material adjusts very well to the fissures. This guarantees long lasting fissure sealing. Fisseal is available in two variants, transparent and white. The white material additionally strengthens the enamel by continuously releasing fluoride.



Pit- and fissure sealing, Caries prophylaxis

Suitable for occlusal fissure sealing for a permanent caries prevention.

  • • Light-cure
  • • Available in two shades: white and transparent
  • • The white material contains fluorides
  • • Time saving thanks to light-curing
  • • Caries prophylaxis
  • • Doubled caries protection of the white material thanks to the release of fluorides
  • • An esthetic solution with the transparent material

Physical data:

Colour: white and transparent

Curing: after 3 Min.

Viscosity: 80 – 100 dPa

Storage conditions:dry and protected from light, at 0 – 22 °C

Shelf life: 3 years


WP4170: Fisseal white, 2 x 2 ml syringes + 1 x 2 ml syringe Extra-Gel + cannulas

Instructions for use:


Safety Data Sheet:

Fisseal, white




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