Light Bloc GF®

Light Bloc GF is a light-curing flowable resin which can be used to block out undercuts and to build and complete prepared cores in the model. Light Bloc GF is light-curing and available in the practical one-chamber syringe, and it can be applied directly from the syringe on the right spot. This makes the handling quick and easy.



Suitable for works in the dental laboratory on models, for example to block out undercuts and to build or complete prepared cores and models.

  • Easy handling
  • Flowable consistency
  • Light-curing
  • Ready to use in the syringe
  • Easy handling
  • Good adhesion to the model
  • Time saving

Technical data:

Curing depth: max. 5 mm

Storage conditions: dry and protected from light at 0 – 22 °C             

Shelf life: 3 years            


WP5118:     Light Bloc GF, green, flowable, 1 x 2 ml syringe

WP5126:     Light Bloc GF, green, flowable, 2 x 2 ml syringes

WP5138:     Light Bloc Advanced, 1 x 3 g syringe

WP5139:     Light Bloc Advanced, 2 x 3 g syringes

package leaflets:


Safety Data Sheet:

Light BLoc


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