Plaque Photo®

50 pcs. each in light-protected box

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Plaque Photo® is a light-curing, customized tray material based on hybrid composite. The excellent and always consistent material properties allow clean and fast processing. Excess material can be easily reused, e.g. for the fabrication of tray handles. Plaque Photo® can be quickly cured with UV or halogen light.
Article number:WP5016/blau
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Dental Laboratory, Laboratory Materials

No, Plaque Photo® is not radiopaque.

The material cures best at a wavelength of 400-450 nm.

No, the product does not change after curing.

No, this was a component of shellac discs and can lead to allergies.

Yes, Plaque Photo® is a plastic and can therefore be treated with conventional disinfectants (e.g. isopropanol).

2,1 – 2,4mm